Andreea Boboc#1

Andreea Boboc

Date and place of birth: 15.07.1986,Targu Neamt, jud.Neamt; 

Physical details: 

height: 165 cm

weight:50 kg; brown hair;green eyes; 

Graduated the Musical Composition Faculty within the “George Enescu” University of Arts in Iaşi  in 2008, drama section,  PH. D. Emil Coseru class;

Theatre roles: 

Sara - Tanti Chanel de Nikolai Koleada, regia Ion Sapdaru, 2014

 Clemence - Cum am devenit stupid (after Martin Page), directed by Irina Popescu Boieru-2014 

Francisa Economu -Onorabili în direct by Nicu Volovăţ, directed by Sorin Militaru-2014

Zăpezica - The Winter by Evgheni Grişkoveţ, directed by László Béres -2013

Éliante in Mizantropul by Molière, directed by Gábor Tompa, 2011

Un rinocer in Rinocerii, by Eugene Ionesco, directed by Claudiu Goga, stage 2010-2011

The Pregnant Woman - Dawn –way (Oameni slabi de inger.Ghid de folosire),by Oleg Bogaev, directed by Radu Afrim, stage 2010- 2011;  

An appearance in The Time Merchant by Matei Visniec, directed by Ovidiu Lazar, stage 2009- 2010; 

Polyxene in Aici,la portile beznei,  directed bya Mihai Maniutiu, scenography Valentin Codoiu , stage 2010-2011. 

Vasile in Romania!te pup. by Bogdan Georgescu, directed by David Schwartz, scenographyAdrian Cristea,  stage 2008-2009; 

Ada in With a little help from my friends, by Maria Manolescu, directed by Radu Apostol, scenography Alina Herescu, stage 2007-2008; 

Ochila in Harap- Alb, adaptation by Stefan Oprea, collaboration  University of Arts -National Theatre from Iasi -national Theatre “M. Eminescu” Botosani, directed by Emil Coseru,2007; 

A housemaid in The Forest by N.A Ostrovski, directed by Andrei Andreev,2006;

Irina-"three Sisters" by A.P. Cehov, directed by Cristian Hadji-Culea, 2012

A girl from the, o prostitute - "Edmond" by David Mamet, directed by Vlad Massaci-2012

Clarissa McClellan -The Fire (451°Fahrenheit) by Ray Bradbury,directed by Irina Popescu Boieru -2012

Elmire- Tartuffe by Molière, directed by Vlad Massaci, 2014

Other collaborations:

Hyacinthe in Vicleniile lui Scapin, by Moliere, performance in Medieval Festival Sibiu, 2010

Lache in MO Rock!, after I. L. Caragiale, independent performance, directed Vlad Volf, 2010

Tina din  Femeia din trecut , de Roland Shimmelpfennig,regia Theodor Cristian Popescu,scenografia Mihai Pacurar,coregrafia Florin Fieroiu,Teatrul Metropolis,stagiunea 2008-2009

Elfa in Re:Re:Re:Hamlet, by Maria Manolescu, directed by Radu Apostol, scenography Alina Herescu,music by Bobo Burlacianu, Bulandra Theatre, performance made in "Bulandra Underground"Project,2008;

The narrator  in Barba-albastra, by Dea Loher, directed by Benoit Vitse, Ateneul Tatarasi,stage 2007-2008;

Mady in by Gianina Carbunariu, Centrul Cultural Francez si Ateneul Tatarasi, directed by Roxanne Borgna si Renaud-Marie Leblanc,2006-2007;

Awards and festivals:

Organizer  Student Festival of Contemporary Theatre Contemporanis,Iasi,  2011, ca assistant director and promoter;

Participation at National Theatre Festival I.L. Caragiale,  2010, with Aici,la portile beznei

Participation at Bienala teatrului Eugene Ionesco, Chisinau 2010, with Romania! te pup.

Participation at International Theatre Festival Wiesbaden, Germania,2010, withRomania! te pup.

Participation at at National Theatre Festival I. L. Caragiale 2009 with Romania!te pup

Participation at roamnaian Drama Festival, Timisoara, 2009 cu Romania! te pup

The Best performance Award,“With a little help from my friends”, directed by Radu Apostol, Festivalul Pledez pentru tineri,Piatra-Neamt,octombrie 2008;

Participation Blog the theatre Festival,Graz,Austria,may 2008, with"Re:Re:Re:Hamlet", directed by Radu Apostol;

Participation National Theatre Festival I.L. Caragiale 2007 with “With a little help from my friends”

Participation Romanian Drama Festival ,Timisoara 2007, with“With a little help from my friends”

Movies,TV, workshop:

Voice- over Ager- movie for cartoons and Disney feature films, 2009;

Workshop Viewpoints by Richard Brown, Teatrul Fara Frontiere, Bucuresti 2009

The princess from the video "Dunitru",Fara Zahar,2009, directed by Bogdan Burlacianu;

"Care pe care"-short movie, directed by Raluca Filip,2008;

Extras "The Grubber's trip",regia Radu Gabrea,2007;

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Andreea Boboc Andreea Boboc Andreea Boboc Andreea Boboc Andreea Boboc
Andreea Boboc Andreea Boboc Andreea Boboc Andreea Boboc

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