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Călin Chirilă


Călin Chirilă#1

Călin Chirilă

            Date and place of birth: 16 January 1974, Iaşi
            Graduated from the Drama Faculty of the Iaşi “George Enescu” University of Arts in 1998, class of Sergiu Tudose - Monica Bordeianu.
            Begins collaborating with the Iaşi  National Theatre in his second year in college.
            Became an actor at the “Vasile Alecsandri“ National Theatre in autumn 2000.
            Theatre roles:
The Biotherapist – Alarma (The Alert) by Olga Delia Mateescu, directed by Silvia Ionescu – 1998
Beppo – Quarrels at Chioggia by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Alexandru Dabija – 1999
Oswald Alving – Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 1999
Manos – The Four legs of the Table de Iakovos Kambanellis, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 1999
Axel – The Pelican, adapted from August Strindberg, directed by Dan Vasile – 2000
Him – Maşina de vânt (The Wind Machine) by Constantin Popa, directed by Constantin Popa – 2000
Cristofor Bellea – Fii cuminte, Cristofor !... (Cristofor, behave!) by Aurel Baranga, directed by Liviu Manoliu – 2001
Nick – Omul din cerc (The Man in the Circle) by Cristina Tamaş, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 2001
Tipătescu – O scrisoare pierdută (The Lost Letter) by I. L. Caragiale, directed by Virgil Tănase – 2001
The Son – Funia (The Rope) by Viorel Savin, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 2002
Obot – Magul (The Magus)  by Paul Miron, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 2003
Royal cup-bearer Ulea – Apus de soare (Setting Sun) adapted from Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea, directed by Eugen Todoran – 2004
Servus – Banii n-au miros (Money Has No Smell) by Paşcu Balaci, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 2004
Prince Philip – Ivona, The Princess of Burgundia by Witold Gombrowicz, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 2004
Florindo – The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Nikolov Perveli Vili – 2005
Neschastlivtsev – The Forest by Aleksandr Nikolaevich Ostrovsky, directed by Andrei Andreyev – 2006
Boerică – Sfârşitul lumii se amână (The End of the World Is Hereby Postponed)  by Ştefan Mitroi, directed by Irina Popescu Boieru – 2006
Billy Bibbit – One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Dale Wasserman, directed by Marius Oltean – 2006
Pobedonosikov – The Bath House by Vladimir Mayakovsky, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 2007
Banquo – Macbeth by William Shakespeare, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu – 2007
Orlando, The Policeman, Hristofor – Nevasta lui Hans (Hans’s Wife) by Ion Sapdaru, adapted from Nichita Danilov, directed by Ion Sapdaru – 2008

Stas - Made in €st by Constantin Cheianu, directed by: Claudiu Goga - 2009

Cromo- The Mountain Giants by Luigi Pirandello, directed by: Silviu Purcarete -2009

Schmitz -Biedermann and the Firebugs by Max Frisch, directed by Felix Alexa -2009

Michel Houille - God og Carnage by Yasmina Reza, directed by Cristian Hadji-Culea-2010

Jupân Dumitrache - A Stormy Night by I.L. Caragiale - directed by Alexandru Dabija, scenografia Dragos Buhagiar -2010

Kulîghin Feodor Ilici- The Sisters by A.P. Cehov, directed by Cristian Hadji-Culea,2012

Edmond -Edmond by David Mamet, directed by Vlad Massaci-2012

Jignicerul Vadră - Iasi in Carnival by Vasile Alecsandri, directed byAlexandru Dabija, 2012

Nonancourt -The Florentine Hat by Eugene Labiche
            Movie roles:
Georgian Curelea – Povestiri din Epoca de Aur (Tales of The Golden Age), directed by Răzvan Mărculescu, producer: Cristian Mungiu
Hunter – Flu Birds, Castel Film
            Television roles:
The Suicidal Man in the miniseries “Tridentul” (“The Trident”), directed by Geo Costiniu.
1997 – diploma awarded by the „Silvia Popovici” Foundation for the role Chiriac in “O noapte furtunoasă” (“A Stormy Night”)
2004 – The “Cultural Merit” Medal, Second Class, awarded  by the Romanian President
            Television Commercials:
Golden Brau – 3 commercials
La cupa e nostra – advertisement made for Spain
            Permanent collaborator of the Radio HIT station for advertising.
         Since 2007, associate professor at the “George Enescu” University of Arts Iaşi, class of Adi Carauleanu – Ciprian Huţanu. Together with Adi Carauleanu, stages the show „A suferi spre a-nţelege” (To Suffer in Order to Understand)  (ancient theatre).
            Physical details: 1,82 m, brown hair, brown eyes.
            Music skills: voice, drums.
         Foreign languages: English (very good level).   
            Other skills: driving licence, bicycling, swimming.
            Hobby: advertising, music, cars, computers, body-building, literature, movies.

Călin ChirilăCălin ChirilăCălin ChirilăCălin ChirilăCălin Chirilă
Călin Chirilă

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