Constantin Popa#1

Constantin Popa



Born in Cozia, Iasi 10.03.1936

- Single-children: Alexander, 18 years

- Graduate of Medical Technical Secondary School-1954

- Graduate of IATC-Ion Luca Caragiale, Bucharest-1962

- Faculty of Philosophy-1974

- Doctor in Humanities Sciences, University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Iasi-2004, with the thesis: "Theatre of the Absurd between philosophical and aesthetic necessity revelation”

- Professor Doctor-art actor-University of Arts "George Enescu" Iasi

- Doctor of Philology -  University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza",. Iasi, author of the thesis” Theatre of the Absurd between revelation philosophical and artistic necessity "Junimea Publishing House, Iasi, 2005

- Actor:

1962 - 1963 - Theatre "G.Bacovia" - Bacau

1963 - 1965 - State Theatre Resita

1965 - 2000 - National Theatre "V.Alecsandri" 

- Member of honor of the National Theatre in Iasi

- Member of U.N.I.T.E.R

- Interpretation Award at the Festival Theatre from Iasi-1970 - the role of "Mayor" of the performance "Duet" by A. Andries

- UNESCO Prize for interpreting the role of "Zani" in the show with comedy scenario comedia del arte, after Basilio Lucatelli

- Member of the Writers' Union of Romania


 - Award of Excellence, Writers Union of Romania, Iasi Branch, 2007

Books published:
1. Lyrics
- The Price of choice-Junimea, Iasi-1976
- Defeated Words –Junimea,1978
- The Period of training- Junimea, 1981
- The Reconciliation with Faust-Junimea, 1986
- Angels School- Junimea , 991 
-The Terror of the Hourglass-Cronica-1996
- The Shadow Donor- Junimea-2000
- The Drawer with Emotion- Junimea-2006

2. Theater
1.The Interrupted Hora- Casa de creaţie Iasi-1975
2. Volume "Wind machine" - Cronica, Iasi-1996, with the plays: Green Horse,  The Rules of block, Wind machine and Vault Bar

Plays directed on stage:
- The Interrupted Hora broken-recorded at Radio Iasi, TVR film by Letitia Popa-1975
- Choosing of the Waters – Theatre V.I. Popa-Bârlad-1974 - directed by Cristian Nacu
- Green horse, recorded at Radio Iasi,  reading performance with the actors from Odeon Theatre, directed by G. Banica ;directed at National Theatre "Vasile Alecsandi" - Iasi-1981 by Dan Nasta
- The Rules of block-reading performance in the Literary Club of the drama writers, reading by the  author at the  National Theatre, directed by Dan Nasta, 1991
- Wind-machine- National Theatre - directed by Constantin Popa, 1999 Iaşi
- "George Smith" - 2007-Iaşi National Theatre, directed by Ovidiu Lazar, scenography Rodica Arghir, cast: Peter Ciubotaru, Emil Coşeriu Constantin Popa
Scenarios and adaptations:
- "The Orchard .... with people "- script after the most important five plays by AP Chekhov-1997
- "Under the sign of Sisyphus" – script after the  ancient tragedy-1999 – performance on tour in Italy
- "Audience at Caragiale" - 2003
- "I will withdraw melancholy" – script after The Shadow Donor of C. Popa
- "Step ... Vodka ... and other sighs "- after  APCehov-Iasi National Theatre, with the students from the University" George Enescu "Iasi
- „The little square” by Carlo Goldoni and "A Stormy Night" IL Caragiale Iasi National 

- Nominated for "Best Performance" with " Thelittle square" by Carlo Goldoni, the National Festival of acting schools, Sibiu-1995

- Award for The best play-the script "The Orchard ...with people "- Sibiu-1997

- Five nominations for Best Actor: two of them became winners

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