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Livia Iorga


Livia Iorga#1

Livia Iorga

Date and place of birth: 30 August 1973, Timişoara
Graduated in 1997 from the “George Enescu” University of Arts in Iaşi, class of Cornelia Gheorghiu – Emil Coşeru.
Made debut on the stage of the Iaşi National Theatre playing „Armande Béjart” in The Cabal of the Hypocrites by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Theatre roles:

An Athenian – Socrate (Socrates) by Dumitru Solomon, directed by Nicolae Scarlat – 1992

An Old woman – Venexiana, directed by Cristian Hadji-Culea – 1994

Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare, directed by Irina Popescu Boieru – 1995

Armande Béjart – The Cabal of the Hypocrites by Mikhail Bulgakov, directed by Horea Popescu – 1996

A Guest – Chiriţa în provinţie (Chiriţa in the Countryside) by Vasile Alecsandri, directed by Ion Sapdaru – 1997

The Dancer – Eu când vreau să fluier, fluier (When I feel Like Whistling, I Whistle) by Andreea Vălean, directed by Irina Popescu Boieru – 1998

Don Juan by Molière, directed by Irina Popescu Boieru – 1998

The Fairy – A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, directed by Ion Sapdaru – 1998

The Sun – Elizabeth I by Paul Foster, directed by Irina Popescu Boieru – 1999

Irini – The Four legs of the Table by Iakovos Kambanellis, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 1999

Her 1 – Maşina de vânt (The Wind Machine) by Constantin Popa, directed by Constantin Popa – 2000

A mask – Misery and Nobility by Eduardo Scarpetta, directed by Irina Popescu Boieru – 2001

Mishima’s disciple, Temptation, The Geisha – Nō Five Love Stories by Yukio Mishima, directed by Alexander Hausvater – 2002

Olivia – Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, directed by Beatrice Rancea – 2003

Perrotte – Plăcutele istorii de dragoste şi moarte (Pleasant Stories of Love and Death) adapted from Balzac’s Droll Stories, directed by Virgil Tănase – 2003

Stănişoara – Apus de soare (Setting Sun) adapted from Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea, directed by Eugen Todoran – 2004

The First soldier – Salome by Oscar Wilde, directed by Alexander Hausvater – 2004

Anitra – Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Cristian Ioan – 2005

Erzsike – Banii n-au miros (Money Has No Smell) by Paşcu Balaci, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 2005

Waiter II – The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Nikolov Perveli Vili – 2005

Lăcrămioara – Sfârşitul lumii se amână (The End of the World Is Hereby Postponed) by Ştefan Mitroi, directed by Irina Popescu Boieru – 2006

Candy Starr – One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Dale Wasserman, directed by Marius Oltean – 2006

Comrade Woonderton – The Bath House by Vladimir Mayakovsky, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr – 2007

Leona – The Orchestra by Jean Anouilh, directed by Irina Popescu Boieru – 2008

Rosa delle Rose - The Rose Tatoo by Tennessee Williams, directed by:Marius Oltean, 2008

Ilse so-called the Contess- The Mountain Giants by Luigi Pirandello, directed by: Silviu Purcarete 

Marieta- the merchant of Time by Matei Visniec, directed by: Ovidiu Lazar -2009

The Troyan Prisoners Choir - Here, at the Gate of Darkness - after Hecuba and others tragedies byEuripide, regia: Mihai Măniuţiu-2010

She - "How should we say" de Roberto Mazzucco, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr-2011

Olga-"Three Sisters" de A.P. Cehov, directed by Cristian Hadji-Culea, 2012

Edmond's Wife -"Edmond" by David Mamet, directed by Vlad Massaci-2012

Ortansa -The Fools under the Moonlight, directed by Ovidiu Lazăr, 2012

Hipolita - "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Shakespeare-directed by Radu Afrim, 2012

Ruth- The Fire(451°Fahrenheit), directed by Irina Popescu Boieru-2012

Protipendada - "Iaşii in Carnaval" by  Vasile Alecsandri, directed by-Alexandru Dabija, 2012

Wedding participant, Choir -The Florentine Hat by Eugene Labiche, directed by Silviu Purcărete -2013

Physical details: 1,70 m, 54 kg, green eyes.
Hobby: loves cats and dogs


Livia IorgaLivia IorgaLivia IorgaLivia IorgaLivia Iorga
Livia IorgaLivia Iorga

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